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Headway Advanced. Продвинутый уровень (свободный английский)

13500 руб. (за весь период обучения)
В стоимость входит:
  • методические материалы;
  • удостоверение о повышении квалификации
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часть курсов английского Headway Advanced

Unit 1
Our land is your land!
Language focus. Avoiding repetitions: missing words out, reduced infinitives, synonyms in context.
Vocabulary. Describing nationalities.
Reading. “The American dream”
Listening. National stereotypes
Speaking. Discussion –immigrants and emigration. British and American English.
Writing. Formal and informal letters.

Unit 2
Never lost for words!
Language focus. Tense review: Simple and continuous, Perfect and non-perfect, Active and passive.
Vocabulary. Phrasal verbs.
Reading. “ A visit to Iris Murdoch” – an interview with novelist.
Listening. “ The Importance of Being Earnest” – a scene from Oscar Wilde’s play.
Speaking. Information gap. Acting out a scene.
Writing. Storytelling.

Unit 3
Big Business
Language focus. Adverb collocations.ff
Vocabulary. Describing trends. Comparing statistics.
Reading. “Eat, sleep, buy, die” an article about the global economy.
Listening. An interview with Anita Roddick.
Speaking. Simulation – planning an advertising campaign. Discussion – the role of advertising.
Writing. A business report.

Unit 4
Language focus. Discourse markers.
Vocabulary. Synonyms and antonyms.
Reading. The cult of celebrity – why are we obsessed with the rich and famous?
Listening. An interview with Hollywood star Liza Minnelli.
Speaking. How to become an A-list celebrity.
Writing. Expressing a personal opinion.

Unit 5
Love is...?
Language focus. Ways of adding emphasis.
Vocabulary. Proverbs and poetry.
Reading. Fateful attraction – two couples who met in very unexpected circumstances.
Listening. A romantic meeting. When love lasts forever.
Speaking. Discussion – do you believe in fate? Getting emotional.
Writing. Discussing pros and cons.

Unit 6

Language focus. Distancing the facts.
Vocabulary. Nouns formed from phrasal verbs.
Reading. Tabloid and broadsheet newspapers.
Listening. An interview with foreign correspondent.
Speaking. Discussion – how television reports the news. Responding to news.
Writing. A letter to a newspaper.

Checking Exam
часть курсов английского Headway Advanced

Unit 1 (7)
Words of wisdom.
Language focus. Modal auxiliary verbs.
Vocabulary. Rhyme and reason.
Reading. “Letter to a newborn son”.
Listening . Words of wisdom – ten people talk about advice they have been given in their lives.
Speaking. How well do you know your classmates! Breaking the rules of English.
Writing. Describing a personal experience.

Unit 2 (8)
Altered images.
Language focus. Real and unreal tense usage.
Vocabulary. Metaphors and idioms.
Reading. “Walt Disney – the man behind the mouse”.
Listening. An interview with American painter.
Speaking. Discussion – appreciating art. Softening the message.
Writing. Reviewing a film or book.

Unit 3 (9)
History lessons.
Language focus. Verb patterns.
Vocabulary. Homonyms. Homophones. Homographs.
Reading. “I was there...” – eyewitness accounts of historical events.
Listening. An eyewitness account.
Speaking. Discussion – an important event in your life. Telling jokes.
Writing. Personal profile.

Unit 4 (10)
The body beautiful
Language focus. Intensifying adverbs.
Vocabulary. Sports. Words to do with the body.
Reading. “The age of sport”.
Listening. The rower and the ballet dancer – jigsaw conversations.
Speaking. Discussion – are we obsessed by sport? Cliches.
Writing. Entering a competition.

Unit 5 (11)
The ends of the earth.
Language focus. Relatives and participles.
Vocabulary. Geographical expressions.
Reading. Three island stories.
Listening. Fartflung spots – people talk about places they have visited.
Speaking. Living on a desert island.
Writing. Describing a journey.

Unit 6 (12)
Life goes on.
Language focus. Linking devices.
Vocabulary. Synonyms and antonyms.
Reading. “A sideways look at time” – different ways of seeing time.
Listening. Do you believe in miracles? – a radio programme.
Speaking. Discussion – talking about time. Euphemisms.
Writing. Bringing a biography to life.

Checking Exam.


Кому и зачем

Для кого

Курс рассчитан на слушателей, имеющих опыт практики английского языка в объеме уровня и желающих его усовершенствовать.


Уровень дает свободное владение разговорным языком в разных ситуациях, большой словарный запас, полное знание грамматики, возможность читать неадаптированную литературу на английском языке.